Sleep and you. Good sleep is prerequisite for healthy mental and physical wellbeing.

Ever wondered why you are unfocused, sluggish and groggy in most mornings? You are overly tired, emotional and clumsier than usual? Well, then you are not getting a good night’s sleep. You need to sleep for at least seven – nine hours daily if you want to avoid these side effects.
#1 Lack of focus
If you cannot remember an assignment at work, it is time to take a look at the amount of sleep you get each night. You are not doing a favour to your career by responding to late night emails. Those late night reminders can distract your sleep. When you do not get sleep, your stress levels increases and your focus and memory, all goes for a toss.
Tip: To get a get good night’s sleep, get rid of all the electronic devices and turn your phone off one hour before you plan on being fast asleep.
#2 Bad mood
Well, your sleep and your mood go hand in hand. Lack of sleep can trigger your fight sympathetic nervous system and cause you to produce less serotonin (hormones that make you feel happy).
Tip: If you don’t get enough sleep sit up on your bed and take a few long, deep breaths. These deep breaths will calm you down and help temper any rising frustration or anger.
#3 Weight gain
Sleep deprivation leads to low energy levels which in turn causes cravings for high-carbohydrate foods. It also affects the release of cortisol in your body which leads to weight gain.
Tip: Instead of eating junk food, drink a glass of water or go for a handful of almonds. It will fill you up and reduce cravings.
#4 Dull skin
If your friends tell you that you look tired, it is because you did not sleep well. Lack of sleep leads to an imbalance in the pH levels of your skin which dries out your skin and leads to breakouts. The spike in cortisol levels in the system also leads to skin inflammation.
Tip: If you notice breakouts on your skin, apply a cold compress with chamomile tea that will reduce inflammation and puffiness.
#4 Low immunity
When you are, sleep deprived your immunity drops. Less than six hours of sleep during the night can lead to high blood pressure, and also increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Sleep deprivation can also result in dementia in later life.
Tip: Go to bed early and wake up on a fixed timing. Also, make sure that you don’t exercise one hour before going to bed.
#5 Reduced sex drive
‘No honey, not today’ is what you tell your partner? Well, how can you have the energy when you are stressed and not sleeping well? Your sex life is bound to go downhill. Lack of sleep also leads to a decrease in the sex hormones which leads to the production of low testosterone levels.
Tip: Make your bedroom a place of retreat. Take the TV out of your bedroom to make sure that you and your partner get enough rest.
If you have trouble sleeping, get help with these expert tips.if tips doesnot help contact your doctor for sleep concers.

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